30 April 2018

50.1%: battery take-back system CCR REBAT achieves record collection quota in Germany

CCR REBAT proofs to be a key actor for battery collection in Germany: The amount of spent batteries collected and recycled by CCR REBAT increased by more than 15 percent in 2017.

CCR REBAT continues to grow and the numbers of batteries treated by its network get higher and higher: the collection system now manages the collection of 4.200 metric tons of spent household batteries from more than 15.000 collection points throughout Germany.

Most of those collection points are so called voluntary collection points such as supermarkets, stores or authorities. In the past months, however, more and more municipal institutions like waste collection centers, who used to co-work with the state-supported collection system network GRS, joined the CCR REBAT network after GRS restricted its service.

This new addition to the CCR REBAT network is triggering further increase of collection volumes at CCR REBAT’s end to surpass the amount required by law (currently 45%) by far. At the same time, by incorporating these collection points, CCR REBAT helps to assure that consumers can continue to rely on a dense collection point network in Germany. CCR REBAT now provides more than 90,000 containers to its collection points per year.

CCR REBAT is funded exclusively by battery producers.

By joining the system, more than 300 producers and retailers assure their compliance with all obligations from the German battery law (BattG).

In total, they sold and licensed 9,000 metric tons of household batteries in 2017. According to EU guidelines and the German battery law they are currently obliged to report the take-back and recycling of at least 45 percent of their sold volumes. With only a few exceptions, all batteries collected by CCR REBAT are recycled in Germany.

For the upcoming years, additional well-known battery producers have already signed contracts to join CCR REBAT, assuring continued future growth for the system.

By reporting a quota of 50.1 percent by the annual due date April 30th, CCR REBAT proofs to be ready for even higher obligated volumes and its increasing importance in Germany’s battery collection market.


Please find the annual collection report for 2017 (German only) here for download>

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