04 May 2017

Battery Collection Scheme CCR REBAT hits the new collection target

The 2016 target was to collect 45 per cent of the put-to-market volumes. The producer-owned take-back scheme CCR REBAT performed dependably.

Once again by the annual due date April 30th, battery collection schemes in Germany were obliged to report their collection volumes for the previous year to the German Environmental Agency (Umweltbundesamt).

In 2016, the target collection quota has just been raised again and is now 45 per cent. Depending on the put-to-market volumes of their member producers, the volumes to collect vary for the different collection schemes.

CCR REBAT contributed with 3,700 tons to the total 2016 collection volume - the second largest share. With this, CCR REBAT maintains to be Germany’s biggest battery take-back system that is owned by produces - both in regard to collection volumes and members.  For its member battery producers and retailers, CCR’s offering is the alternative option of choice instead of licensing their products with Germany’s scheme under public law, Stiftung GRS.

By joining the CCR REBAT system, producers and retailers cover their compliance with the main obligations from German battery law (BattG). Unlike other providers of such services, CCR affiliate companies offer this system also in other European countries. Multinational producers may thus benefit from one centrally organized management of their take-back obligations.

In 2016, CCR REBAT’s own collection quota was even a little higher than the requested 45 per cent. Since the current battery law has been incepted in 2010, CCR REBAT was able to grow continuously and increased their collection volume by 78 per cent.

97.5 per cent of all collected spent batteries in 2016 could be professionally recycled, mainly in German facilities.


The full annual collection report (German only) is available here >.