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08 December 2015

Take-back scheme RELECTRA now also covers photovoltaic modules

The amended version of the German Law on Electrical and Electronic Equipment (ElektroG) came into effect on October 24th this year and now also applies to photovoltaic (PV) modules.
Following the new directive, manufacturers / distributors of Solar Power Systems are required, by law, to take back old modules for free and recycle them. They can either set up their own collection system or join a Take-Back Scheme like RELECTRA from CCR Logistics Systems AG, which now also covers PV modules.

Since the transitional period expires on February 1st  2016, manufacturers and importers only have a few weeks left to register their take-back solution with German authorities, namely the “Stiftung Elektroaltgeräteregister (EAR)”. This is where CCR’s offering RELECTRA comes into play – a service started when Take-Back for Electrical and lectronic Equipment became a legal requirement in Germany. In addition to return and disposal services, RELECTRA services include the initial registration and reporting to the relevant authorities.

Since RELECTRA covers all product types affected by the law, complementary products such as inverters can be included in the scope of contract. Moreover, Energy Storage Units can be collected via the Battery Collection System -  CCR REBAT - to cover all take-back obligations by one service provider.

For international customers, CCR offers a comprehensive Environmental Compliance Management solution. Our specialists will take care of all monitoring, management and reporting in regard to take-back obligations in all EU and EFTA countries.


Photocredit: VioNet