11 May 2015

Battery take-back scheme REBAT over-achieves increased collection quota

Germany’s largest producer-owned take-back scheme for batteries CCR REBAT achieves currently an average collection rate of 40.37 per cent while the legally required quota is only 40 per cent.  Considering solely the year of 2014, the numbers add up to a collection ratio of even 42 per cent, overachieving the quota by 2 percentage points. With great confidence CCR REBAT therefore faces the further obligatory increase of the collection rate to 45 per cent in 2016. Additionally, the system is being continuously expanded in order to ensure the fulfillment of legal obligations at all time.

For the 300 contracted producers, CCR REBAT takes care of all producers’ obligations and tasks related to take-back and recycling of their used batteries. Their service includes the placing of collection containers, their pick-up plus the correct recycling. All mass-flow is comprehensively documented on behalf of modern and constantly improved IT systems. Moreover, CCR performs the registration and documentation against authorities.
Unlike other providers of such services, CCR affiliate companies offer this system also in other European countries. Multinational producers may thus benefit from one centrally organized management of their take-back obligations.

In 2014 CCR REBAT collected and recycled 3.400 tons of used batteries and accumulators. All collected used batteries have been recycled in Germany according to legal and environmental standards; important scarce resources such as lead, steel, zinc or ferromanganese could thus be recovered. They are now available as secondary material and may be used for the production of new products.

With REBAT, CCR facilitates one more time to close material loops and helps to protect the environment and resources.


The full yearly report (German only) can be downloaded here >.