09 December 2014

WEEE Recast: CCR organizes Authorized Representative

Nearly all EU member states are about to implement their national transposition of the so called WEEE Recast, the revised Directive on Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment from July 4th 2012. Hence, the new regulations will now become effective.

A new key feature of the WEEE Recast is: distance sellers from abroad, who deliver relevant products to an EU country, now also need to contribute to the take back of used devices. To facilitate the contribution, the EU Commission also established the option of assigning an authorized representative in the target country. 

Consequently, producers (incl. distributors) are no longer forced to found a subsidiary in the target country in order to be able to register their products and to contribute to their take-back on behalf of a compliance scheme. They may now also appoint a local agent as their authorized representative.

Within their Environmental Compliance Services, CCR now assist their clients also in assigning a local representative in any EU member state.

Already today, CCR supports their clients in selecting the right compliance scheme and takes care of the registration with local authorities as well as the application with a compliance scheme . 
The focus of CCR’s Environmental Compliance Services is the management und matching of all relevant product and sales data with the requirements of the different compliance schemes and their cost. Added up with legal monitoring services, CCR thus offers a comprehensive service in the field of environmental compliance.


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