26 September 2014

Changes of German law on batteries (BattG) are coming up

Due to a revision of the EU directive on batteries and accumulators in 2013, Germany needs to adapt its law on batteries (BattG). Changes have to be made for legal requirements for placing on the market of button cells with a mercury content and accumulators containing cadmium, intended for use in cordless power tools. With this, the EU aims at minimising the use of the hazardous substances mercury and cadmium and completely outlaw them from the EU market in the future. 

In its draft bill, the German Federal Ministry of Environment now provides a prohibition of  button cells with a mercury content more than 0,0005% by weight and of battery units consisting of button cells with a mercury content of more than 2% by weight as of October 1st 2015. The placing on market of batteries and accumulators with a cadmium content of more than 0,002 by weight and intended for the use in cordless power tools shall be prohibited as from January 2017.

Batteries containing cadium but intended for use in emergency and alarm systems, including ermergency lightning and medial equipment, are exempted from that ban

To see the full draft bill, click here.

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