CCR REBAT’s services include:

  • Manufacturer registration of the manufacturer with the Federal Environment Agency
    (Sec. 4 Manufacturers’ Obligation to Notify)
  • Provision of appropriate collection containers at collection points
    (Sec. 5 Manufacturers’ Return Obligations)
  • Collection of used batteries
    (Sec. 5 Manufacturers’ Return Obligations)
  • Recycling of collected batteries in accordance with applicable laws
    (Sec. 14 Recycling and Disposal)
  • Reporting to authorities
    (Sec. 15 Performance Monitoring)
  • Ensuring that obligatory return rates are met
    (Sec. 16 Collection Goals)
  • Installation of notices at collection points
    (Sec. 18 Notice Obligations)
  • Compliance with information obligation through part-financing general information (campaigns run by GRS)