Operational processes


Reporting process

CCR REBAT system participants report the number of batteries they have sold by number and weight on a monthly (or quarterly/annual) basis, broken down by

  • Weight class
  • Battery type
  • Battery system                                    

System participants are billed on the basis of the reported figures. The volumes sold by all participants are reported to the Federal Environment Agency as part of performance monitoring (Sec. 14 BattG)


Collection and recycling process

CCR REBAT provides suitable containers free of charge for the collection of used batteries. When the containers are full, free collection can be arranged by contacting the REBAT customer service department.

The collected containers are held in the CCR REBAT network until there is a sufficient quantity for recycling. Transportation from storage to the recycling facility is organised on the basis of criteria such as proximity, safety, capacity and efficiency.

All the batteries collected are recycled in Germany according to the applicable quality and environmental standards and regulations.