Consumers - Frequently asked questions

What is CCR REBAT?

CCR REBAT is a system for the return and disposal of used batteries and rechargeable batteries. The system was set up in October 1998 when the first Battery Ordinance (Batterieverordnung) entered into law. Today CCR collects used batteries in 13 EU countries, making a significant contribution to protecting the environment.


How does the CCR REBAT system work?

Battery manufacturers that participate in the CCR REBAT system pay a fee for every battery sold in Germany. That fee pays for the collection and recycling of batteries so that consumers can return used batteries for free.


Where can I return used batteries and rechargeable batteries?

Batteries and rechargeable batteries can be returned free of charge to all retailers that sell batteries.


Which types of battery are affected by the Battery Act (Batteriegesetz)?

Portable batteries: Batteries that are enclosed and that can be held in the hand. Vehicle and industrial batteries are not portable batteries.

Industrial batteries: Batteries used exclusively for industrial, commercial or agricultural purposes and those used in electric vehicles of all kinds and hybrid vehicles. […]

Vehicle batteries: Batteries used for starter motors, lighting and ignition in vehicles. […]


Where can I return my starter battery?

Starter batteries, such as those used in vehicles, can and should be returned to the place where they were purchased. The retailer is obliged to ensure that the battery is recycled.

Retailers are required to charge a deposit of €7.50 on starter batteries. When a used battery is returned, the deposit will be refunded by the retailer.


What happens to batteries after I deposit them in a collection box?

Once batteries have been collected by CCR REBAT, they are taken to special recycling facilities. CCR works exclusively with certified recyclers in Germany. The recyclers sort and recycle the batteries according the chemical system employed. The recycling process involves dismantling the battery in order to extract individual parts made of different metals so they can be reused in the metalworking industry. The following metals used in batteries can be recycled:

  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • Iron
  • Nickel