Collection points

The CCR REBAT battery return system includes more than 16,000 collection points in Germany and we look forward to welcome many more!

For collection points,joining the CCR REBAT network is completely free of charge: we pick up collected spent portable batteriesand provide collection containers for free.

Basically, any organization in Germany can become a CCR REBAT collection point. However, those who are obligated collection points by law must declare their resignation with the default take-back system Stiftung Gemeinsames Rücknahmesystem (GRS) prior to joining CCR REBAT or any other take-back system.

Collection points by law are:

  • Sellers of portable batteries (i.e. supermarkets)
  • WEEE processing facilities (according to Germany WEEE regulation)
  • Waste car processing facilities (according to German waste car regulation)
  • Waste disposal companies under public law (örE)

GRS needs to receive the resignation before September 30 to be effective as of January 1st of subsequent year.

All other organizations such as commercial collections sites, office buildings, schools and universities or social organizations are considered as ‘volontary’ collection points. They are free to co-work with any take-back system.

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Once we received and approved the necessary data, we will integrate you in our network and provide appropriate collection container.

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