Legal basis

In Germany, regulations and duties relating to batteries are governed the Revision of Responsibilities Regarding Waste from Batteries and Rechargeable Batteries Act (Gesetz zur Neuregelung der abfallrechtlichen Produktverantwortung für Batterien und Akkumulatoren, hereinafter BattG), which was passed on 25 June 2009.

The act applies to all kinds of batteries and rechargeable batteries, regardless of size, weight, the materials used or their application. It also applies to batteries installed or included in other products (Sec. 1 para. 1 BattG).

Battery manufacturers are required to collect and recycle free of charge used batteries returned to retailers and the batteries from devices collected by public waste management facilities. Used batteries that cannot be recycled must be disposed of (Sec. 5 para. 1 BattG).

The take-back systems used by manufacturers were obliged to consistently achieve an annual collection rate of at least 35 per cent. Since 2016, that rate increased to 45 per cent.


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