CCR REBAT is an officially authorized take-back system for o, spent portable batteries within the legal framework of §7, German Battery Law (BattG).

By joining CCR REBAT, producers and importers of portable batteries comply with the main obligations from the German Battery Law (reporting, take-back and information tasks, please read more here>)

CCR REBAT has contracted more than 300 battery producers and retailers and serves around 16,000 collection points. In terms of number of member producers as well as of collected volumes, it is thus the biggest battery take-back system per §7 Battery Law (BattG) in Germany.

The system is operated by CCR Logistics Systems AG, a subsidiary of the Reverse Logistics Group, which is headquartered in Dornach near Munich, Germany.

CCR REBAT’s services include the following:

• Provision of collection containers to distributors and their collection points, where applicable with custom designs

• Free pick-up of the collected batteries

• Recycling of the batteries in accordance with all applicable laws

• Reporting

• Provision of official documentation regarding the services performed


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